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Precious Material A New Beginning

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Vinyl Pack 4x12' & Double CD

Hi Everyone, I am really excited to announce the relaunch of my Precious Material Label. The label originally ran from 1994 to 1997 and won critical acclaim for a series of releases including the outstanding Icons (Blame & Justice) Projects, Jazz Juice Detroit, Brothers With Soul, Nautilus and Tony Justice Headhunter releases to name but a few. The label was known for its deep luscious Jazz, Deep Techno and Rare Groove inspired releases. This new album continues on the same thread and I hope you all are feeling it as much as I am. The project will be released as a 4 x 12" Album with a double CD featuring a mix by DJNibers aka Andrea Nibbers.
4 x 12" Single & 2x CD

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A New Beginning
A1 - Okee – Planet Blue
B1 - Aquasion – Respect The Game
B2 - Headhunter (Justice) – Red Planet 
C - Paul SG – This Is Jazz
D1 - Silence Groove – Take You Away
D2 - Actraiser – Soul Priestess (inst)
E - Jrumhand – Wonsaponatime
F1 - Tidal - Jazz Tonight
F2 - Jazz Juice(Alex Reece & Wax Doctor) – Detroit 
(DJ Lee unreleased 97 Remix)
G - Physics – Sonic Area 
H1 - Ray Kieth – Rare Groove 
H2 - Soultec ft La Meduza – Entre L’inconnu


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